Latest Read: “Wakusei Drops”

(Wakusei Drops vol. 1-2, French Version by Tonkam)

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By Yuana Kazumi.

One of her later works. Another one of the light hearted slice of life ones. The more recent they are, the more average they get, I think. Her melancholic style from the earlier works was quite atmohpehric and contained nice ideas, even if they lacked a brilliant plot. Her artwork style pretty much stayed the same. It got technically a little bit more refined, and still maintains a sort of uniqueness.

This one is nice for a halfway long train journey. Several young people, quite of the “genki”-type, trying to cheer miserable folks up in their shops. Nothing deep at all, not aggravatingly obviously shallow either, just lighthearted.
Pretty episodic, too. The introductory explanation of the place repeated itself rather often. And one the the protagonists of “Haru Hana”/”Spring Flower” gets a crossover guest chapter either, along with some mentioning of Hana.

As is, I read everything from this author, save her latest work “Mericlone no Namida”. That one seems to be fantasy, like her earlier works, perhaps she gets back to how they were. I quite hope so.

Tonkam released this titles as “Bienvenue au Wakusei Drops”, meaning as much as “Welcome to Wakusei Drops”. Fits it even better, since the phrase pops up in about every single chapter and one gets a quicker idea, what this is about.