Platina Volume 6 Part 3 + script

Next 12 pages.

Not really much, but with this hiatus time should be over.


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Platina Volume 6 Part 2

Next 22 pages.

Next one is probably Kaguya hime.

Platina Volume 6 Part 1

First 22 pages.

I am quite behind schedule, but I’ll probably catch up the old weekly rhythm within next week.

Platina Volume 5 Part 5

(Volume 5, French edition by Saphira)

Next 48 pages.

Batch vol. 5

Finishes off volume 5. Let’s see, what comes next, not decided yet.

Platina Volume 5 Part 4

Next 30 pages.

Next one will finish off volume 5.

Platina Volume 5 Part 4-5 (Script)

I use handwriting input via my tablet for these translations now as I can write with only one hand and have the book opened in the other and it kind of still messes around with cap letters, if I write too fast. But since I edit with a caps only-font anyway, I stopped correcting it after a while.

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Platina around the world…

So I thought about finding some offcial sample pages of the upcoming volumes. (Since website died along with the French samples).
I was a bit surprised to find out that Platina had been released in quite some more countries than I thought. Through the release states are all somewhat similiar.

English Release (USA): Halted at vol. 1
(Germany: Never even a trace of a possible release)
China: Dropped at volume 3
Italy: Halted at vol. 5
Spain: Halted at vol. 1

(Through that publisher in Italy went ahead and completed Arcana of Lee So-Yong instead, which was dropped at either vol. 8 or 9 in French, English and German. I sometimes do think I should just learn that language, too….)

Seems like French is seriously the only European language in which Platina was completely released. And Volume 7 is already only avaible on amazon via markeplace at some riduculous 30-ish €. (Through still seem to have some copies.) Volume 6 remains as untracable as ever. Just so glad I have it completely. If they would only have not dropped Nabi, I wish…

Platina Volume 5 Part 3

Next 30 pages.

Oh damn it, it is tuesday already… Cramming makes one loose the sense for time…

Anyway 30 pages of hilarious comedy between Jenin and Velotte.

Platina Volume 5 Part 2

Next 30 pages.

Preparations for a farewell that has yet a while to come. (One could accuse Auna of being tactless, but she obviously has her reasons either.)
Anybody who has read the ending?  I think that monologue of hers is from the “time of silence” (pretty much my favorite scene btw.) Here you already get her thoughts and later the images are left alone to speak for themselves. I really like how this has been seperated to give each part more effect.

Platina Volume 5 Part 2-3 (script)

Part 2 to come tommorow, part 3 the week thereafter, as Kaguya Hime’s fangirl-comedy gives me headaches at the moment.
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