Latest Read: Ôoku 3


Ôoku Vol. 3, English release by Viz Media

Finally arrived. Chie ist just great.

Quite satisfying my “character fetish”. Such characters just appear way to seldom in Anime/Manga industry…

Latest Read: Ôoku by Yoshinaga Fumi

Ôoku Vol. 1-2, English release by Viz Media

There is a nice introductory post about the title here at the Iwanihana blog.

Probably the best Josei out there right now.
I was really much postively surprised. I have had expections ever since I read about it over at above mentioned blog, and they were even by far exceeded. In fact, it made me dwell a bit more than 3 hours on two volumes. That sure is the longest reading period for non-omnibus English Manga volumes ever.

The english translation by Viz surprised me a great deal as well. They used such old-styled English (Shakespear era?) and it was certainly a very nice transition.
The variety of facial expressions sure astonished me as well. It kind of reminded my of Naoki Urasawa’s style more than once.

The “parential adversatory” sticker made me frown at first before reading. I think I still do, but may understand it. There sure are some bloodstained deaths in it and there is also quite some… “bedding” in it, but it is neither overly brutal nor agressively perverted.