[Blabbling] Mawaru Penguindrum For French relaease in November!

Stumbled upon this in the Manga-News.com Newsletter.

Copy & pasted:

Après Sengoku Basara (lire la news)Mawaru Penguindrum est la seconde licence annoncée aujourd’hui parKazé.
Réalisée par Kunihiko Ikuhara et produite par le studio Brains Base en 2011, cette série totalise 24 épisodes de 25 minutes. Elle sortira chez nous en coffret intégrale le 07 novembre 2012.

visuel japonais

Himari, une jeune fille décédée des suites d’un cancer au cerveau, est miraculeusement ressuscitée puis guérie par une entité étrange. Cette entité réside dans un chapeau en forme de tête de manchot et prend possession du corps d’Himari lorsqu’il est posé sur sa tête. En échange de sa nouvelle vie, l’entité a ordonné à ses deux frères, Kanba et Shouma de trouver un objet appelé “Penguindrum”. Ils sont assistés par trois manchots étranges dédiés à chacun d’entre eux.

Me: Gaaaaw. OMFG, really. Even a complete series collection release. <insert any fangirling image here>

Apparantely it is sub-only according to manga-news’ entry (which isn’t that much suprising, but a pity nonetheless) and for some reason it doesn’t pop up on kaze animé’s website, through Sengoku Basara is listed there already,  despite news coming out the same day. I seriously hope this is no fake news.

Juicy Hand-Shots #1-4: Mawaru Penguindrum (Episode 2-5)

I sort of endet up screenshoting anything with a hand (and more) in there… I ought to be more selective. But just anything in here is beautiful. *sigh*

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Juicy Hand-Shots #1-3: Mawaru Penguindrum (Episode 1)

They are everywhere in this show!
(In the progress of rewatching it right now)

Even among those not-so-artsy choreographed shots, they are like popping out of every possible frame that allows it. And they are just all so beautiful so look at~~~

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Juicy Hand-Shots #1-2: Mawaru Penguindrum (Ending 1)

The ending overall is really beautiful too, I really like the drawings and colorings. Only the song was a case of liking it only on the third try and only with the footage, so I skipped it rather often…

And these hands in there are just beautiful as well.

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Juicy Hand-Shots #1-1: Mawaru Penguindrum (Opening)

Ever since I read that one certain post about hand-shots on Iwanihana, I seemed to have developed some strong fetish for hand-shots, feeling some compulsory impulse of screenshoting them all of sudden…

So first one about Mawaru, the title that started it all.
Not really hand-shots at that, but rather anything with a hand on it, but they are just all beautiful to begin with…

(Is there any need to mention just how great a show this is, anyway?)

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