Latest Read: Maison Ikkoku

(Maison Ikkoku 1-10, vol 9 French Release by Tonkam, the others German Release by EMA)

Finished that just a while ago. Took me about a year to read. Interesting enough just the first 3 consumed about the whole time, the rest was read within a week or two. – Of course in the meanwhile, vol. 9 went out of print in Germany… (Now 8 and 10 are out of print as well, but managed to find them somehow.)

Rumored to be a romance-comedy classic I started it and the beginning is really not much beautiful to behold. (Especially after looking at the re-version Covers). It gets whole deal better later.

They say, this Genre fits Rumiko Takahashi much more than her Fantasy Shounens, and I agree. Through my impression of “One Pound Gospel” was more like just decent, despite some obvious similiarities.

Liking Cover of vol. 1, 5 and 8. Especially the 5th.

French Paper Quality is a whole lot better, but volumes have a smaller size and no colour pages.   And I wonder about the character names/description list with translations to French names at the end of the volume. Is that the continuation of some extra by the publisher in France released through the other volumes?