Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 5

Some more pages

Part 5 of vol. 17

Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 4

Some more pages

Part 4 of vol. 17

Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 3

Semi-back with 15. pages.

I am really getting fed up with this stupid BL (parody) part and right after that is the next splatter part…

Part 3 of vol. 17


Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 2

And with this, the splatter part begins…

Part 2 of vol. 17

Wikipedia’s entry on Black Cat says:
“Pinoko’s main form of comic relief in the TV anime is yelling アッチョンブリケ(Acchonburike) — a phrase that has no real meaning but taken as a rough equivalent to “Oh my goodness!” (often spelled “Omigewdness” in fansubs) “

Thus, I went with that.

Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 1

Um. Continuation with that half serious BL parody…

Part 1 of vol. 17


Kaguya Hime vol. 16 part 8

Me like that too, when I first saw this. I don’t like BL, good that there isn’t much of it the next volume.

Part 8 of vol. 16

And adding and formatting images here are starting to be a pain. Especially that TOC page is annoying as hell.

It’s not as buggy as LJ tends to be, but still not liking that much. Perhaps going to try out tumbl next. But moving again. Geez. >_>”

Next (ones) will be most probably Platina.

Kaguya Hime vol. 16 part 7

Sure some quite strange one in this part of the story…

Part 7 of vol. 16

Back to 30 pages again, hope that will stay so.  Perhaps next one will even finish off vol 16 in one go, with just 43 pages left.