Latest Read: Kieli: Volume 2-4

(English release of the light novel vol. 2-4 by Yen Press)

Some trivia observations: Book #2 ist obviously a trifle thicker than the others and there is actually a readable pattern on the volumes itself. (Did not notice until I made a picture with light in fact) und these blackisch covers are pretty  prone to keep fingerprints. And the cover material is really “soft”, they are also prone to fringe rather easy in my impression.

Aside that I actually like the blackisch Cover. You can read them in the train without it having to scream “I am an otaku nerd!”. (Instead the big letters of the “uncommon romance” subtitle in the backcover scream for “trashy romance” in my eyes.) They didn’t keep the original covers through. I guess Cover Illustrations are the inverted black-white version of what probably the original backcover illustrations and really, what is that on cover #3 supposed to be? For obvious reasons there is a radio on the first cover, for as obvious reasons there is a doll on the second and for inducible reasons there is a dog on the fourth. But the third? That supposed to be a photograph of Harvey? Why that?

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Latest Read: Kieli (Kiiri): The Dead Sleep in the Wilderness

(German release of the Manga by EMA and English release of the light novel vol. 1 by Yen Press)

I had seem some people buying Kieli in a certain German board and the title caught my interest. Shortly after it was announced for german release, so I spontaniously got these. After that, I started the novel.

And now I’d say, this manga is about one of the best adaptions I have read so far of a quite nicely written entertaining novel series. (Currently finished volume 3.)

The Manga adaption really fit in the whole 250-ish pages novel in these two volumes, there isn’t much of anything missing in there.
It only has three things I could point out  that are “drawbacks”. One is, the novel has quite a deal of descriptions on the landscapes, peoples etc. The manga sometimes fits whole paragraphs into one single panel, which is does certainly quite good. The “problem” on that, it kind of feels “too dense”. The novel uses many of these to puffer out two key scenes, while in the manga it might feel like one scenes comes to fast after another. It has quite a quick pace. (But not too fast.) Actually this is a positive thing,  but as there are myriads of the exact opposite out there, it kind of felt… awkward? Outstanding?
The second thing is the character design. I like it so much more than the novel illustrations. Only, Kieli is much more beautiful in the Manga and Harveys general expression more “gentle” and less grumpy. It doesn’t pop up as strange in the first novel plotline at all, but as in the following novels Kieli is explicitely mentioned as kind of small for her age and not much of a beauty at all, it is somehow off a bit. … Still it just looks better, who’d care for some more eyecandy? (I think Kieli also looks more like 16 than her supposed 14 years.)
The third would be, it stops right after the first novel plot. After 1/9 of the whole story it and it damn feels like it stops where it is supposed to actually begin. I do wonder why they didn’t continue the adaption. >.<” As it is now, it’s more like a very well done elaborate teaser for the Light Novel.

At some random other note, I was so sure “Kieli” would be spelled ki-e-li (which, in my head, it kind of still does) and it doesn’t sound even that bad to me. Turns out it is キーリor kiiri as in the German Version. Sound rather strange to me… Especially it sound similiar and makes me associate it to  霧 (kiri), whichi means “mist”, in total contradiction to her character described as very straight forward.
And looking at the first manga cover I had always thought this would be a camera and was pretty surprised it turned out to be a radio…

   (Manga b/w illustrations)

Kieli  (Novel vol 1 japanese Cover)