Latest Read: Horror Collector



I had read Arcana and did not thing it was too bad back then, and saw this while browsing Samji’s webpage when looking for Platina release dates back then.

This is your usual demona-angel inspired fantasy love story (triangle), with some jumping back and forth through the timelines wrapped around it and then all made rather messy to create some deep vibe. Somehow it failed for me.

(Kim-Yeon Joo is also liking to use this messy-device, but for some reason she always seem to hit my nerve a lot more….)

Drawings were the usual of this author. That is to say, Elisabeth is about the only proper female in there, and I don’t like these males, looking all that feminine….

Btw. Webpage has dissapeared?  Too bad, it had excerpt pages of all their Manwah.