Piece by Ashirara Hinako for German release in November!

Piece – Erinnerung an eine Fremde
Hinako Ashihara

Hinako Ashihara überrascht mit einem ebenso bewegenden wie feinfühligen Einblick in die Psyche!Mizuho erfährt, dass ihre frühere Klassenkameradin Origuchi gestorben ist. Bei der Beerdigung wird sie von deren Mutter als ihre beste Freundin begrüßt. Dabei standen sich die beiden nie besonders nah und auch sonst hatte niemand Kontakt zu Origuchi. Doch die Mutter erklärt ihr, ihre Tochter sei schwanger gewesen und habe eine Abtreibung gehabt. Nun bittet sie Mizuho, herauszufinden, wer der Vater war. Und plötzlich ist Mizuho gefangen in der Vergangenheit einer anderen .

Bisher 7 Originalbände, ab November 2012, € (D) 6,50



Vom Tokyopop Newsletter gerade. Ich bin fast vom Stuhl gefallen. OMFG. Das ist sogar noch besser als EMAs Coelacanth Ankündigung.

Was soll ich sagen. Mir fehlen die Worte. Zu der Serie selbst hatte ich auch schon mal etwas geschrieben.

Latest Arrival: “Piece” vol. 6 by Hinako Ashihara

(Volume 6 of the  Japanese  original Release)

Arrived today. Still waiting for vol. 5 to arrive before I start reading.

Took a quick look into it however. Oh my gosh, so many twists. Wanting volume 5 now. But still have to wait some 7 weeks-ish. Aaaah….!

Still am I the only one to read this, or not?

Latest Read: “Piece” by Hinako Ashihara

(Volume 1-4 of the  Japanese  original Release)

Not the best Shoujo currently serialized, since that is already reserved for PSMEII, but it is at least one of the best I know of.

Summary from Aerandria via Baka-updates:
One day, Mizuho, a university student, receive news that her classmate in high school, Origuchi Haruka, passed away. Mizuho doesn’t remember being best friends with Origuchi, but apparently, Origuchi told her mother that Mizuho was her best friend. And now, her mother wants Mizuho to help her find the boy Origuchi dated during high school. Mizuho told Origuchi’s mother that Origuchi was a very plain girl, and she was never seen with a guy, but her mother told Mizuho that Origuchi got pregnant and had an abortion when she was in high school. Mizuho was shocked, but she still starts asking her other classmates in high school and following the traces Origuchi left behind. 

This series is stunning in at least two ways:
For one thing, you have a dead, inactive main character. One can argue, if Haruka Origuchi is really a main character, as the primary ones are Mizuho Suga and her male counterpart Hikaru Narumi, but at least she is a very important figure in the story. She does not appear even once actively, her only appeances are in form of flashbacks or being mentioned, she herself remains in a unchanged status quo (only the way she appears to be changes from the characters’ perspective), but nonetheless she has a greater influence and importance than almost all side characters. I know of no other title, where a dead character stays in the center and has so much importance. Save perhaps the Anime “Chevalier d’Eon”, but there Lia appears and acts actively in form of a ghost.

For another thing,  it certainly plays with expectations a great deal. You follow Mizuho and just start thinking “Oh that could be it”, and get to find out a revelation to make you think, it’s impossible and then at the same time you get a bunch of new hints. Literary the same structure as assembling the pieces of a puzzle.

Volume 2 had a longer flashback , which was very much reminiscent of the basic type of “Sunadokei” and “Bokura ga Ita”: Girl and boy get to be a couple, out of whatever reasons, they end up separating and girl ends up to be unable to move on.
Just as it was about to start dragging in my patience and  almost getting disappointed to see the same thing again, there was quite some twist to add. I sometimes hate the fact, that I simply suck at assembling puzzles.

Panini Italy (I think) has released it in Europe. Aside that I know of no other western release and for some reason I get the impression that won’t change too quickly. (Unexpectedly, it seems Hinako Ashihara’s works aren’t even that popular in France…)

So am I the only one to read this, or not?