Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Opening: More Than Words – Tentative Lyrics Transcription & Translation

My news music obsesssion over night. It’s running in an endless loop since hours. I take everything back. It’s at least as good as Hemsphere, if not better, let alone better than Ai no Field.

Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho
Composition:  Kanno Yoko

Lyrics and translation done from what I was able to figure out by mere listening

~Lyric, Transcription & Translation

Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Trailer & Theme Song

I didn’t like the first trailer at all, but stumbled over this just ago:

(Translation here, if needed)

Impressions: Female Main Character Voice: Maaya Sakamoto, in CC-like style? WIN

Opening: Maaya Sakamoto & Yoko Kanno collaboration = Double Win

Especially the beginning does sound quite reminicent of “Ai no Field” sung by Kokia, also composed by Kanno.
Not as epic as Rahxephon’s Hemisphere opening song, but very good nonetheless.

…. speaking of Rahxephon. Ichiko Hashimoto being the composer of the soundtrack? This will be the first Anime Soundtrack by her since Rahxephon years ago. (Hopefully not all of it will be like the Trailer piece, that one was kind of awful…)

Not that I am going to start hoping this will get to be as good as Rahxephon…