Latest Listen: Ao no Exorcist Anime Volume 10 Drama CD Extra ~ Rhapsody in Blue


Yukio: “Is this the time to read Manga as carefree?”
Rin: “That… Don’t tell me”
Yukio: “Exactly. These are your test scores […] this is 0, 8 points, this one 1, 7 points […] You even got your own name wrong! Bro, you are a high schooler, are you?”
Rin: “What can I do about it? Unlike your “Yukio” [雪男 – lit. Snow man] mine [燐 – Phosphorus] is difficult to write!”
Yukio “[…] Then just write it in Katakana! This is not “Rin”, but “Soso”; who is “Soso?!”
Rin: “Ugh…”
Yukio: “And checking this English test, R-I-M O-K-I-M-U-R-A, that’s “Rim Okumura”; Bro, when did you become a foreigner?!”
Rin: “Um…..”
Yukio: “I’m worried about your future…”
Rin: “Pyuu, pyuu, pyuu…”
Yukio: *big sigh*


… and Rins ends up having the others of his exocism class teach him lessons from Japanese Classic (Suguru: “You’re an idiot?! Why would the author of Genji Monogatari be Hikaru Genji? Is than an authobiography?!”) to math (Izumo: “This answer, why would there be two minorities?!” – Rin: “Minorities? Erm, what is that?” – Izumo: Aaah, no, I’m fed up. With this, teaching even a monkey would be easier! – Shima: “Ah, Izumo, that “Aaah, no, I’m fed up” just now was really erotic and cute! Say it again!”) and just about anything. And then Shiemi comes with her “girl handmade home cooking”, since she can’t help with helping to study. And of course her poisonous dish ends up to be the blackmailing weapon of Yukio to get things be considered more seriously. “Shima: A demon! that young teacher is a demon!” – Rin: “No, He is actually a really nice person, he surely has to be!”)

And in conclusion Mephisto praises Yukio for getting Shima and even Rin get a servile “behaviour”. Of course Yukio would not take credit for himself, but also not disclose too much details.

Speaking of contents, really nothing new, nor special or anything, but the voice acting was very good and the whole thing just lol

…I get the feeling I like it when characters sink into utter despair. Be it in a serious manner or in a comedic way….

Juicy Shots #2-b: Ao no Exorcist 1st. Opening (+Special)

Came around to watch that a while ago. Throught it was kind of rather boring overall.

Still, I just noticed again how much I liked the footage of the opening. It just has everything that I unexpectedly came to like about the series, very nice slapstick-comedy presented in dynamic and speedy scenes, a scene that calls for quiescence to contrast it, a quite nice landscape shot… and hand shots.
I quite like the fence scene, ever more than the offering hand one (which is rather clichéd).
I only wish I would like the song as well, but that just does not seem to be ever happening with Uverworld…

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Juicy Hand-Shots #2: Ao no Exorcist (Last Episode)

That one scene was in fact the one that made me realize that the liking it a lot was had actually become a real fetish. For one thing the last third of this series is one of your usual anime-only adaption-fail-aternatives.

Especially the last arc was a culmination of senselessness, but that one scene (and some landscapes) probably saved the whole ending from being rather distasteful. (Think of Nabari no Ou’s ending if you want something really loathsome und utterly  disgusting.)

(I did like the first 9 episodes quite well through, the comedy was hilarious and even worked out better than the original Manga despite using the same slapstick-styles, which usually never works properly in Anime. Heard Movie and 2nd Season are going to stick to the Manga. Hoping for some more nice comedy/action.)

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