Juicy Hand-Shots #9: Dance In The Vampire Bund

Surprise hit. There wasn’t even that much pedo-fanservice as I feared. Oh and all these handshots. Especially Mina has really beautiful and delicate hands…

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Juicy Hand-Shots #8-1: Earth Girl Arjuna (Episodes 1-4)

Rewatch after years. The series was surprisingly far more artsy than I had it in my memory. And surprisingly a lot of hand-shots at that. They aren’t even that detailed and elegantly drawns, but the gestures are really nicely put into scene~

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Juicy Shots #2-b: Ao no Exorcist 1st. Opening (+Special)

Came around to watch that a while ago. Throught it was kind of rather boring overall.

Still, I just noticed again how much I liked the footage of the opening. It just has everything that I unexpectedly came to like about the series, very nice slapstick-comedy presented in dynamic and speedy scenes, a scene that calls for quiescence to contrast it, a quite nice landscape shot… and hand shots.
I quite like the fence scene, ever more than the offering hand one (which is rather clichéd).
I only wish I would like the song as well, but that just does not seem to be ever happening with Uverworld…

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Juicy Hand-Shots #2: Ao no Exorcist (Last Episode)

That one scene was in fact the one that made me realize that the liking it a lot was had actually become a real fetish. For one thing the last third of this series is one of your usual anime-only adaption-fail-aternatives.

Especially the last arc was a culmination of senselessness, but that one scene (and some landscapes) probably saved the whole ending from being rather distasteful. (Think of Nabari no Ou’s ending if you want something really loathsome und utterly  disgusting.)

(I did like the first 9 episodes quite well through, the comedy was hilarious and even worked out better than the original Manga despite using the same slapstick-styles, which usually never works properly in Anime. Heard Movie and 2nd Season are going to stick to the Manga. Hoping for some more nice comedy/action.)

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