Sainunkoku Monogatari Bookmark 4-koma Manga Translation

I was reading Hagio Moto’s 11nin ga iru! Bunko and then this bookmark was attached, with a backside that was kind of cute:

Sainukoku Monogatari Bookmark Front

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Simple Drag & Drop Mangareader Version 0

A little bit of an archive post for myself. And just in case others may interested, too.

There are plenty of manga reading online sites out there, but I don’t like them. Mainly because they are mostly page by page and the clicking/key-pressing for the next page makes me almost crazy. (I sometimes read faster than the next page is built, even with a quick connection.) So just download the Manga and you get a folder full of stuff, saved at least the on-the-fly internet loading amount of time. The standard Windows Image Previewer is ok, but only shows one image and upon pressing “->” key, there is a little flash and you have to wait a microsecond. Throught it was annoying. There are also some autoplay/diashow functions, but my reading speed is not constant (how could it with different text amount), so no avoiding the clicking. Also I have a 24″ widescreen monitor. I couldn’t quite find any image programm, who would show two pages (or more) at one go. Annoying². There are also some desktop manga readers, but they take their time to open and what I skimmed over only seemed to have one page a time, either.
I came cross one online mangareader (mangapark) by chance, which allows loading all images of a chapter. Scrolling the mousewheel is seriously more comfortable than the annoying clicking payge-by-page. But on that mangareader it’s still one page for the full widescreen width. Better but still suboptimal and what about the offline files?

So I went ahead and wrote a simple batch program that creates an html page for manga reading in a browser that can use the full width of the widescreen monitor. I went for batch (despite it being ugly), because I just wanted an easy script that can be easily edited if need be without any compiling and I also wanted to keep it light weight, since I don’t want any other functions.

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Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 5

Some more pages

Part 5 of vol. 17

Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 4

Some more pages

Part 4 of vol. 17

Kaguya Hime vol. 17 part 3

Semi-back with 15. pages.

I am really getting fed up with this stupid BL (parody) part and right after that is the next splatter part…

Part 3 of vol. 17


Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari Volume 11 sample pages translation

(Amazon Preview volume 11)

So I still don’t have it. Shame on me.

But some pages popped up at tumblr~

(Along with some random pages from the tribute volume. Are there raws of it floating around, or what?)

But I guess, I am too stupid for tumblr, I don’t get it how to link on one post for page by page, but anyway. I have absolutely no clue about the context, but the pages are absolutely delicious nonetheless.

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Boku wo Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari Volume 11 Cover

(Amazon Preview volume 11)

Being released 10 days ago and I can’t wait to get it into my hands. >___<

Alice finally makes it onto the cover again. And somehow the drawing style is a tint diffrent than before, judging from the cover?