[Blabbling] Mawaru Penguindrum For French relaease in November!

Stumbled upon this in the Manga-News.com Newsletter.

Copy & pasted:

Après Sengoku Basara (lire la news)Mawaru Penguindrum est la seconde licence annoncée aujourd’hui parKazé.
Réalisée par Kunihiko Ikuhara et produite par le studio Brains Base en 2011, cette série totalise 24 épisodes de 25 minutes. Elle sortira chez nous en coffret intégrale le 07 novembre 2012.

visuel japonais

Himari, une jeune fille décédée des suites d’un cancer au cerveau, est miraculeusement ressuscitée puis guérie par une entité étrange. Cette entité réside dans un chapeau en forme de tête de manchot et prend possession du corps d’Himari lorsqu’il est posé sur sa tête. En échange de sa nouvelle vie, l’entité a ordonné à ses deux frères, Kanba et Shouma de trouver un objet appelé “Penguindrum”. Ils sont assistés par trois manchots étranges dédiés à chacun d’entre eux.

Me: Gaaaaw. OMFG, really. Even a complete series collection release. <insert any fangirling image here>

Apparantely it is sub-only according to manga-news’ entry (which isn’t that much suprising, but a pity nonetheless) and for some reason it doesn’t pop up on kaze animé’s website, through Sengoku Basara is listed there already,  despite news coming out the same day. I seriously hope this is no fake news.

Juicy Shots #2-b: Ao no Exorcist 1st. Opening (+Special)

Came around to watch that a while ago. Throught it was kind of rather boring overall.

Still, I just noticed again how much I liked the footage of the opening. It just has everything that I unexpectedly came to like about the series, very nice slapstick-comedy presented in dynamic and speedy scenes, a scene that calls for quiescence to contrast it, a quite nice landscape shot… and hand shots.
I quite like the fence scene, ever more than the offering hand one (which is rather clichéd).
I only wish I would like the song as well, but that just does not seem to be ever happening with Uverworld…

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Juicy Hand-Shots #1-4: Mawaru Penguindrum (Episode 2-5)

I sort of endet up screenshoting anything with a hand (and more) in there… I ought to be more selective. But just anything in here is beautiful. *sigh*

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Juicy Hand-Shots #7: Natsume Yuujinchou San (Episode 1)

That was a delicious surprise.

But then, Natsume comes from Brains Base as does Mawaru Penguindrum, perhaps not that much to be surprised about?

Anyway, nothing much a a artsy or complicatedly choreographed movement of the hand, but they were still so very elegant to look at~

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Hand-Shots #6: Shouwa Monogatari

Not many have watched it completely I guess. It’s not even completely subbed yet.

This series did not really have much of any hand-shots put beautifully into scene (the only hand that gets spotlight would be the fist of the angry father, who, depending on one’s cultural upbringing, may almost get regarded as abusive), but they aren’t cowardly hidden away or that badly drawn.
Well, usually…

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Juicy Hand-Shots #5: Blood-C (Episode 13)

For what it’s worth, Blood-C is indeed trashy and a waste of good animation. In fact, one could just skip everything save the last episodes (I really jumped there after episode 1) which has a really beautifully choreographed fighting scene and hopefully the movie will have even more of that (but hopefully with a bit less splatter…)

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Juicy Hand-Shots #4: Dantalia no Shoka

The average optical quality is mediocre at best, but it has quite a bunch of nice artsy shots in between. And they liked their hand shots. It was rather obvious to tell with all they emphasis the put on several ones. Unfortunately aside these few ones, the rest was rather averagely drawn, if at all.

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