Anime Short: Robotica * Robotics Übersetzung (German Translation)

Was ist “Liebe”, Natsu?

“i”, der 9. Buchstabe vom Alphabet.
“Ich” Pronomen
—Die Gestalt von Liebe, die nur Menschen begreifen

Diese Geschichte von Robotern, die von einem Menschen aufgelesen wurden

Übersetzt von:

Kann man hier auf dem Channel von Soubi Yamamoto anschauen:

Datum: 08.2010
Laufzeit: ~10 Minuten
Genre: Science-Fiction, Drama
Studio: CoMix Wave, Sentai Filmworks
Relation: Als Extra zur DVD von “Kono Danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu” enthalten

Latest Watch: Millenium Actress

(German release by UFA)

Never really liked Kon Satoshi’s style that much, but this one was was really kind of average; especially the plot. What a waste of eyecandy.

Latest Read: Première neige by Byun Byung Jun & Corbeyran Eric

(French Release by Kana)

Really, this should have been a Ga-nime. Would have worked a lot better. Not your usual comic style, let alone Manga-style. It looks more like an accumulation of impressionist paintings. Any too less of the warm styled drawings at that unfortunately.

~Sample Pages

Latest Read: A Quick Quartet Bunch

(several German releases)

Since they went to their next owner (who coaxed me to trying these out via my 15% discount programm) this morning I took a quick picture.
This is going to be more of a quick rant.

Chiba Kozue titles:

– Kimi to Koi ni Ochiru Mahou de (Dich zu lieben einfach magisch): Fluffy, not really realistic, and pretty superficial. Girlish kyaa-females up their middle school age would probably love it.

– Blue (Blau, wie Himmel, Meer & Liebe): Simply boring, just another stupid obvious love triangle. The second part of the summary on MAL did not even happen in the first volume, as far as I remember. Not going to find out what that is supposed to be about, through.

These two titles were still better than Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute (Ich wünschte ich könnte fliegen), that one was really really fluffy, superficial and… Oh well, remembering that even makes me depressed about the little time I wasted on it. Since her panels are kind of rather big as well, they are at least read through quite fast.

 Tanemura Arina had been sitting (and still kind of sits) on a big throne in Germany, but after the absolute rubbish series known by the title “Shinshi Doumei Cross“, her fame was somewhat declining a bit. (Folks obviously didn’t all fall on their head.) This author seems to me like the publisher’s try to find some successor. I suppose, they are kind successfull on that, considering in how rapid a succession her titles are being released here.
I think her titles are somewhat superficial and clichéd. Perhaps 14-year old girls may love them. To do her drawings justice, she does have a very nice sense of colour harmony in her coloured illustrations and draws clean lines and does not use too much screen tones. It has some somewhat “clean” appeal of it’s own. The eyes are really big through. Very similiar to several Ribbon Authors. Aside that her style and narratives are pretty reminiscent of several Ribbon Authors. (Mako Yoko, Sakai Mayu, …). The biggest surprise I had on that was that she is actually not a Ribbon Magazine author, but from Shogakugan.
Not that I care much, I most probably will never touch any of her works again.

Oni Kare: Short Stories Collection of Tsukishima Haru. Another Ribbon Magazine-style title. Interesting enough, MAL didn’t have an entry on it, until somewhen after its release. Dropped it after the second story. Just another average Romance with a clumsy, but honest girl and a Bishonen falling in love with each other… (Seriously, guy from the title story is supposed to be like a demon and still look like one of these clichéd Bishonen, just with a bit more of a grouchy face?)

Blood Lad: This one annoyed me in particular. It is the very first german release I had in my hands that hat the edges of the pages colored (in the same yellow as the cover). The color made the pages stick to each other. Tinkering them apart took about twice as long as actually reading it. And the content seriously was not worth it. -.- The only thing worth mentioning would be the otaku-styled references to known titles, but that was it already. If I want that, I will much rather read Gintama.

Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte: Tribute Compilation ~ PSME Special: Thank You Shuukaido Translation

A tribute volume for the Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte series, also known as Please Save My Earth which has been running in Hana to Yume, released on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the magazine.

Contains a chapter from the original artist Saki Hiwatari and six Shorts stories somehow related to Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte.

I have translated the 4-pages special from Hiwatari herself. Beware, scanlation is done on photographs of my copy made by my tablet. In fact it’s pretty much readable nonetheless and I think that is plain enough for fan translation purposes.

Here you go~

Some more information on the other stories, in the prior post.

Translation script below the cut~

Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte: Tribute Compilation

A tribute volume for the Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte series, also known as Please Save My Earth which has been running in Hana to Yume, released on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the magazine.

Contains a chapter from the original artist Saki Hiwatari and six Shorts stories somehow related to Boku no Chikyuu wo Mamotte by:

-Hirama Kaname: Moon River
-Furumiya Kazuko: The Flower I love
-Hanamura Ui: Gentle lie
-Yuwa Shiori: Magnolia
-Okabe Asagi: My beloved…
-Ikemi Runa: Another Moon Dream

I was the one who added that title on MAL, and for the longest while I had been the only one who had an entry on it. Turns out that in the meanwhile of 1.5 years 4 other users seemed to have read it.

Let’s see, if that can be changed about soon.
~Info and samples on the other stories under the cut

Latest Read: “Yureru Omoi” Short Story Compilation

Short Story Compilation by various artists.

「HOLE -君もピアノも-」高橋利枝
Hinachi Nao ~ Natsukodachi ni Himitsukichi
Yoshii Yuu ~ Lady Go!
Yamauchi Nozomi ~ Houkago Host
Mochizuki Koako ~ Sotsuaru * Messe
Takahashi Rie ~ Hole – Kimi mo Piano mo
Shimotsuki Kayoko ~ Kumappu no Ana

I blindly ordered this, because Shimotsuki Kayoko’s name is among them. Turned out, she only contributed some 4-koma teddy bear strips. Drawn accordingly in a quick omake-style, so nothing of her clean and nice usual drawings. >.<“

But after the first major dissapointment stories turned out not to be too bad after all. Nothing too special either, but nice for a little bit of diversion after an exam in the train on the way home.

Hinachi Nao‘s style has a hint of uniqueness to it. The impression I had reminded me somewhat of Yuana Kazumi, but without the poetical atmosphere.
Yoshii Kou‘s style is clean and good, narrative is solid, but both story and art weren’t anyhow new nor much unique, so not leaving much of an impression.
Houkago Host was just boring for me.
Sotsuaru * Messe was  the one with the most inferior drawings to my taste. Thought the plot was boring atop of that.
Takahashi Rie‘s contribution surprised me a bit. Ending went somewhat a bit against your usual clichéd gaudy story. And time travel is always nice, to see. Drawings were solid, but looked like I had seem them before in some similiar manner a lot of times by other authors…

Sample pages under the cut~

“One Second, One Light Year” (一秒一光年) by S光年 – Part 1

“One Second, One Light Year” (一秒一光年) by S光年  – Part 1

Title: “One Second One Light Year” (一秒一光年)
Genre: Slice of Life
Original Source:
u17 profile of artist:

Reading direction: Left to right
Part 1 of probably 3

No matter how much I look I it, it feels like it could be one of Benjamin‘s works. From the drawings, the general narrative style to the topic itself. I only read “Remember” as of yet, this one is a bit more light hearted and straight forward than the shorts stories in there, but the similiarity is still obvious.

I even supected this  S光年 user to be just simply him, but it’s not like I can find much of a hint to support that idea on the user’s profile by a quick look.

“Mountain Spirit” by Zhu Zhi Wei (竹之为)

“Mountain Spirit” by Zhu Zhi Wei (竹之为)

Title: Mountain Spirit
Original Chinese Title: 山鬼
artist: Zhu Zhi Wei (竹之为)
u17 profile of artist:
Reading direction:
Left to right

Well, this is not really a scanlation, since there is nothing to be scanlated in the first place (i.e. no text in there).

You can take a look at it directly on the site here.
Click on the

  • 山鬼(19p)

link there (or here for direct chapter read, if you miss it with all the Chinese. A friend actually managed that.)

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“Alice and the Prince Frog” by flame崩坏

“Alice and the Prince Frog” by flame崩坏

Title: Alice and the Prince Frog
Original Source:
u17 profile of artist:

Reading direction: Left to right
Download oneshot

A little imaginary fairytale(?)-esque oneshot. The insides are are three colored, which kind of reminded me of several short stories of Nakamura Asumiko, “I am piano” for instance. Or Mihara Mitsukazu’s “The Canary”.

Originally posted a while ago on my LJ, but moving things over here.