Translation Script of Eureka Seven AO Final Episode: One More Time – Lord Don’t Slow Me Down

I had been playing with tumblr in back in 2012 already. (Funnily that’s right when E7AO aired.) I don’t even really remember, why I never continued. Also don’t know, why I remembered tumbrl for this all of sudden.

Anyway, I guess, I’ll just test it out with this. Media formatting also looks less like a pain than here.


Gintama x Mameshiba CM#4-6 Translation

So my copy of the BD arrived about last week (yesasia sure is slow), and I was indeed most dissapointed to find none of the Gintama x Mameshiba CMs on the extras disc. Which I was looking forward to most among the extras. Especially as it was said, any promo meterial would be included, if I remember right. Also, there are postcards. Okita and Hijitaka with their future looks get the be on one. Why none for aduult Kagura? Gin with strawberry icrecream can appear anywhere, but the adult forms can only here. This is such a waste. To begin with, but would the Cover of the Movie Box be the normal looks? (Well, there is this double Backcover, but still…) And they even cut away Kagura’s knee on the digipack artwork!

I feel sorts of a bit betrayed. Really. But the movie and especially adult Kagura are cool nonetheless.

Instead I accidentially (while looking for Adult Kagura Fanarts) found another collection of the Mameshiba clips on tumbrl and it contained three more CMs advertising the BD/DVD release. It’s just such a shame, they are not included in the movie release. I don’t even understand why. They are way more fun than the interviews or the normal, simple PV spots.


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Gintama x Mameshiba CM#1-3 Translation

EDIT: YT link removed, as been taken down. Search for “劇場版銀魂のCM 豆しば(第1弾)” or the like to find raws.

This is a set of promotion CMs for the new movie, while being a pun on the Mameshiba commercials. The Mameshibas’ catchphrase being “Hey, did you know?”

There is also quite a portion of merchandise out there. The other characters pop up there, too.

Since it’s so cute and hilarious, I’ve at the very least watched it 5 times already, so I just went ahead and made some translation script.

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Gintama Final Arc Movie Info Special: Translation of the previewed first 3,5 minutes

EDIT: YT Link has been taken down. The special is also included on the extras disc of the movie release.

This is some special, probably aired somewhen a few days ago, and it’s all talk about the series itself, and repeating and repeating the same trailer footage over and over again, staff and seiyuu interviews talk. Not much of interest in the first 19 minutes save for some storyboard sketches there is also nothing worth mentioned there. Well they do repeat the “the series is ending” joke, pretty much indicating it’s the same case again.

It gets interesting around minute 19:30 when the staff is getting asked to show a little bit more:
“Could you show something just a little bit more for the fans who are waiting for the original story?”
“A little bit more… What should we do about that?”
“None there”
“What about the certain THAT?”
“The certain THAT?”
“That one flashy scene?”
“Well, then, please.  Just a little bit more.”
“Please take a look at it.”

What follows seems to the the prologue segment before the title runs in.

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Code Geass: Akito the Exiled Opening: More Than Words – Tentative Lyrics Transcription & Translation

My news music obsesssion over night. It’s running in an endless loop since hours. I take everything back. It’s at least as good as Hemsphere, if not better, let alone better than Ai no Field.

Vocals: Sakamoto Maaya
Lyrics: Iwasato Yuuho
Composition:  Kanno Yoko

Lyrics and translation done from what I was able to figure out by mere listening

~Lyric, Transcription & Translation

Anime Short: Robotica * Robotics Übersetzung (German Translation)

Was ist “Liebe”, Natsu?

“i”, der 9. Buchstabe vom Alphabet.
“Ich” Pronomen
—Die Gestalt von Liebe, die nur Menschen begreifen

Diese Geschichte von Robotern, die von einem Menschen aufgelesen wurden

Übersetzt von:

Kann man hier auf dem Channel von Soubi Yamamoto anschauen:

Datum: 08.2010
Laufzeit: ~10 Minuten
Genre: Science-Fiction, Drama
Studio: CoMix Wave, Sentai Filmworks
Relation: Als Extra zur DVD von “Kono Danshi, Uchuujin to Tatakaemasu” enthalten

Pandora Hearts Novel Caucus Race II Translation (up to page 11)

Subject to updates. Through they won’t be really regular at this point, if somebody else wants to take over be free to do so. ^^;

Somebody else went already ahead and translated the Rainsworth story of the LN already. I am just so slow in comparison… >_<

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Latest Listen: Ao no Exorcist Anime Volume 10 Drama CD Extra ~ Rhapsody in Blue


Yukio: “Is this the time to read Manga as carefree?”
Rin: “That… Don’t tell me”
Yukio: “Exactly. These are your test scores […] this is 0, 8 points, this one 1, 7 points […] You even got your own name wrong! Bro, you are a high schooler, are you?”
Rin: “What can I do about it? Unlike your “Yukio” [雪男 – lit. Snow man] mine [燐 – Phosphorus] is difficult to write!”
Yukio “[…] Then just write it in Katakana! This is not “Rin”, but “Soso”; who is “Soso?!”
Rin: “Ugh…”
Yukio: “And checking this English test, R-I-M O-K-I-M-U-R-A, that’s “Rim Okumura”; Bro, when did you become a foreigner?!”
Rin: “Um…..”
Yukio: “I’m worried about your future…”
Rin: “Pyuu, pyuu, pyuu…”
Yukio: *big sigh*


… and Rins ends up having the others of his exocism class teach him lessons from Japanese Classic (Suguru: “You’re an idiot?! Why would the author of Genji Monogatari be Hikaru Genji? Is than an authobiography?!”) to math (Izumo: “This answer, why would there be two minorities?!” – Rin: “Minorities? Erm, what is that?” – Izumo: Aaah, no, I’m fed up. With this, teaching even a monkey would be easier! – Shima: “Ah, Izumo, that “Aaah, no, I’m fed up” just now was really erotic and cute! Say it again!”) and just about anything. And then Shiemi comes with her “girl handmade home cooking”, since she can’t help with helping to study. And of course her poisonous dish ends up to be the blackmailing weapon of Yukio to get things be considered more seriously. “Shima: A demon! that young teacher is a demon!” – Rin: “No, He is actually a really nice person, he surely has to be!”)

And in conclusion Mephisto praises Yukio for getting Shima and even Rin get a servile “behaviour”. Of course Yukio would not take credit for himself, but also not disclose too much details.

Speaking of contents, really nothing new, nor special or anything, but the voice acting was very good and the whole thing just lol

…I get the feeling I like it when characters sink into utter despair. Be it in a serious manner or in a comedic way….