Platina Volume 6 Part 3 + script

Next 12 pages.

Not really much, but with this hiatus time should be over.


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Platina Volume 6 Part 2

Next 22 pages.

Next one is probably Kaguya hime.

Platina Volume 6 Part 1

First 22 pages.

I am quite behind schedule, but I’ll probably catch up the old weekly rhythm within next week.

Platina Volume 5 Part 5

(Volume 5, French edition by Saphira)

Next 48 pages.

Batch vol. 5

Finishes off volume 5. Let’s see, what comes next, not decided yet.

Platina Volume 5 Part 4

Next 30 pages.

Next one will finish off volume 5.

Platina Volume 5 Part 4-5 (Script)

I use handwriting input via my tablet for these translations now as I can write with only one hand and have the book opened in the other and it kind of still messes around with cap letters, if I write too fast. But since I edit with a caps only-font anyway, I stopped correcting it after a while.

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Platina Volume 5 Part 3

Next 30 pages.

Oh damn it, it is tuesday already… Cramming makes one loose the sense for time…

Anyway 30 pages of hilarious comedy between Jenin and Velotte.