Simple Drag & Drop Mangareader Version 0.9

Just a bit upgraded version of my intitial Version 0. Contains mostly bugfixes of troubles I tumbled over myself. Have been using is for the past month and worked fine. Perhaps of some use to others, too.

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Gintama x Mameshiba CM#4-6 Translation

So my copy of the BD arrived about last week (yesasia sure is slow), and I was indeed most dissapointed to find none of the Gintama x Mameshiba CMs on the extras disc. Which I was looking forward to most among the extras. Especially as it was said, any promo meterial would be included, if I remember right. Also, there are postcards. Okita and Hijitaka with their future looks get the be on one. Why none for aduult Kagura? Gin with strawberry icrecream can appear anywhere, but the adult forms can only here. This is such a waste. To begin with, but would the Cover of the Movie Box be the normal looks? (Well, there is this double Backcover, but still…) And they even cut away Kagura’s knee on the digipack artwork!

I feel sorts of a bit betrayed. Really. But the movie and especially adult Kagura are cool nonetheless.

Instead I accidentially (while looking for Adult Kagura Fanarts) found another collection of the Mameshiba clips on tumbrl and it contained three more CMs advertising the BD/DVD release. It’s just such a shame, they are not included in the movie release. I don’t even understand why. They are way more fun than the interviews or the normal, simple PV spots.


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Simple Drag & Drop Mangareader Version 0

A little bit of an archive post for myself. And just in case others may interested, too.

There are plenty of manga reading online sites out there, but I don’t like them. Mainly because they are mostly page by page and the clicking/key-pressing for the next page makes me almost crazy. (I sometimes read faster than the next page is built, even with a quick connection.) So just download the Manga and you get a folder full of stuff, saved at least the on-the-fly internet loading amount of time. The standard Windows Image Previewer is ok, but only shows one image and upon pressing “->” key, there is a little flash and you have to wait a microsecond. Throught it was annoying. There are also some autoplay/diashow functions, but my reading speed is not constant (how could it with different text amount), so no avoiding the clicking. Also I have a 24″ widescreen monitor. I couldn’t quite find any image programm, who would show two pages (or more) at one go. Annoying². There are also some desktop manga readers, but they take their time to open and what I skimmed over only seemed to have one page a time, either.
I came cross one online mangareader (mangapark) by chance, which allows loading all images of a chapter. Scrolling the mousewheel is seriously more comfortable than the annoying clicking payge-by-page. But on that mangareader it’s still one page for the full widescreen width. Better but still suboptimal and what about the offline files?

So I went ahead and wrote a simple batch program that creates an html page for manga reading in a browser that can use the full width of the widescreen monitor. I went for batch (despite it being ugly), because I just wanted an easy script that can be easily edited if need be without any compiling and I also wanted to keep it light weight, since I don’t want any other functions.

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Gintama x Mameshiba CM#1-3 Translation

EDIT: YT link removed, as been taken down. Search for “劇場版銀魂のCM 豆しば(第1弾)” or the like to find raws.

This is a set of promotion CMs for the new movie, while being a pun on the Mameshiba commercials. The Mameshibas’ catchphrase being “Hey, did you know?”

There is also quite a portion of merchandise out there. The other characters pop up there, too.

Since it’s so cute and hilarious, I’ve at the very least watched it 5 times already, so I just went ahead and made some translation script.

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Gintama Final Arc Movie Info Special: Translation of the previewed first 3,5 minutes

EDIT: YT Link has been taken down. The special is also included on the extras disc of the movie release.

This is some special, probably aired somewhen a few days ago, and it’s all talk about the series itself, and repeating and repeating the same trailer footage over and over again, staff and seiyuu interviews talk. Not much of interest in the first 19 minutes save for some storyboard sketches there is also nothing worth mentioned there. Well they do repeat the “the series is ending” joke, pretty much indicating it’s the same case again.

It gets interesting around minute 19:30 when the staff is getting asked to show a little bit more:
“Could you show something just a little bit more for the fans who are waiting for the original story?”
“A little bit more… What should we do about that?”
“None there”
“What about the certain THAT?”
“The certain THAT?”
“That one flashy scene?”
“Well, then, please.  Just a little bit more.”
“Please take a look at it.”

What follows seems to the the prologue segment before the title runs in.

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Zetsuen no Tempest PV with Oshima Score Samples

(Youtube Link gone)

Tried to push it out of my mind, but happened to stumble upon it nonetheless. As feared, it ended up playing in a loop.

This is like the lesser score type of Paradise Lost combined with and even better mystery feeling than Chevalier and add some down to earth classical beethoven-ish vide to me. And seems to have both, full orchestra and piece with just a handful of intruments playing.

Oshima score = godlike

And there are even only these two along with the Beethoven piece in that other trailer.

Can’t wait for more. *_____*

A tale of Felluah – Some gatherings


Found on this page.

So, what I can get out of it: it’a about at arranged marriage among the nobel and plays somewhere in France, as Paris is mentioned, is declared as some sort of “true romance”, which earned some criticism.

The female lead is called 오르테즈 라프레이, by literal romanization something like “Oretejeu ra peurei”, my guess is something pseudo-european soundthing like “Orthez La Prez”. Orthez  is a French city, Prez is a real person, whose last name is written like that on korean Wikipedia. Through judging by the pronounciation it is rather more something alond the sound of “play” (as 프레이 stands for the “play” of Cosplay according to wiki).
Her maiden last name seems to be 에크릴, “ekeuril” Somehow this sounds just like “acryl”? oo

The male lead, who looks like a major clone of Harim is called 아시어스 라프레이. Literal romanization “asieoseu ra peurei”, which kind of sounds like “Arthur la Prez”?

This pages gives some comments and character bios on the two. What I can read is not really more than what the gibberish of Google translator gives one, so the koream text just copied.

<오르테즈 라프레이 (결혼전 오르테즈 에크릴)

테사 공작가의 첫째 따님, 나이 어린 여동생이 있음
아리따운 미모로 여러 귀족들에게 인기가 많으신 분.
파리스 왕자님이 노렸다는 소문까지 있을 정도이신 분이신데..
정작 본인은 못생겨서 싫다고 하는.. (과연 얼마나 못생겼길래?!)
성격은 조용한 성격이 기본에, 적당히 인내심 있고 적당히 요구도 하고
좀 엉뚱한 면도 있으신 듯 한… 그런 아가씨입니다.
남편에게 충실할 것이니 그에 맞게 자신에게 신경쓰라고 당당히(?) 말하더군요.
나 잘났다!’하는 파의 아가씨들이 가장 좋지만(예 : 쥰, 벨로트공주님)
오르테즈 같은 아가씨도 좋아요. 하지만 묘운이랑은 조금 다른 듯 하네요.
아시어스 라프레이
남남으로 지내다 돌아가신후
백작위를 이어 받은 백작님
김연주님 역대 남자주인공 중 가장 조용한 성격이라고 자부합니다!!!
(세즈루,제닌는 귀염파, 류상은 성질파, 나오님은 능글파,유리는 무념무상파
어떻든 어느곳에도 비슷한 인간이 없어!!)
후작부인인가 하는 여자와 모종의 사연이 있는 듯 하지만 그건 2~3권쯤 되야 나올듯..(후작부인 누구냐 넌..-_-)
부인의 말에 바로 침실로 오는 걸로 보아 류상의 뒤를 이을 공처가 기질이 다분히 있으신…
하여튼 이 남주도 일단 뭐라 말하기 좀 힘듬… 스토리가 아직 덜 진행 되서….
그래도 나름 여주를 챙겨주는게… 진정 로맨스의 남주… _ (퍽!)
일단 펠루아에는 여주,남주를 제외 하고는 그닥 중요 조연이 안사는 관계로…
파티나 연회 등 같은 일이 발행하지 않는 이상 전개가 안될 것 같은데…
딴건 몰라도 백작이 사냥을 별로 안좋아하던데 과연?!
그리고 더 안타까운건 여주 동생인 마리냐를 보기 힘들다는거…
자기 언니 집이 작다고 형부에게 금화 하나 주는거 보고 얼마나 귀여운지…^^
일단 결론은… 스토리가 더 진행되어야 알겠다는거…..>


It would appear, while Orthez is a optical Sahra clone while she has about the calm dignified nature of Lucia. And the whole story seems to be slow in progress,

Does not sound good. The sample pages look like a major Platina clone and the “slow progress” sounds like the same dragging style of the Nabi series… The author does seem to suck at innovation.

Kajiura self-cloning  in printed version. Still I just know, I will not hate it, if I were to get my hands on it. *sigh*