Short Break #2

Not sure yet how long it will last. I guess at least one more month, and until the end of the year the worst. Will see.


Short Break

As I am dragging it already; thus, short break to presumably middle of august. I plan to catch up to schedule from that point on, through.

Dropbox Space

I just found myself getting some space problems occasionally, so I wondered, anybody want to start using it and get some 500MB extra space to start with?

Dropbox has this nice invitation programm:

You can now earn twice as much free space by inviting your friends!
For each friend that installs Dropbox, you’ll both get 500 MB of free space. You can earn up to 16 GB. 

If you may be interested just leave your mail in a comment and I send you an invitation mail or register for an account by this link:

About Platina…

No I haven’t forgotten about it.

But I am still figuring out how to edit these totally small resolution scans.

Halfway I remembered that samji had hight resolution sample pages of all their titles including Platina from volume 7 on.
However, samji died a while ago, and their website is now gone.

Does anybody happen to have these pdf pages saved?

Announcement: “Platina” by Kim Yeon-Joo

This is my absolute favorite title so far with a long distance to anything else. I can understand, if some think, it might not be an awe-inspiring masterpiece, but to me it is, as it is pretty much the only title out there, that satifies my likings to 100%. And this beautiful title is just too unknow in my opinion.

This will be my next series I pick up, going on parallel with Kaguya Hime. Translations will be from the French Releases, as I unfortunantely do not know Korean. Platina is not linguistically to difficult and as long as I don’t have to actively write text myself, my French should be plain enough.

Manwahs are unlucky outside of Korea is my impression. This series was unlucky enough to get 1 volume release in English and then being dropped. Little Queen ran rather poorly in Germany, depite on of the volumes being in the Top 15 in the monthly charts and probably the series will never be picked up. Japan seldom brings out Manwah anyway. In China it was dropped with volume 3, in France first on hold with 5 volumes, due to licensing problems and then dropped with 6, as the publisher went bankrupt. Still lucky enough (in comparision to say Arcana by Lee So-Young, dropped with only 2-3 volumes left in France, USA AND Germany), Samji (former Manwah division of the old publisher) picket it up, but they also have annoncend in their forum, that they would not reprint the first 6 volumes and I guess their own releases will never get some, either. Volume 6 of the French release is already gravely out of print and absolutely nowhere to be found. The last listing I ever saw was on for about 20€. So glad I still got my copy in time from

The only thing I am still contemplating about right now, are the raws. I don’t really want to scan my own books that much, because I suck at cleaning raw-raw-scans and as volume 6 is already pretty much irreplacable for me, I’d do anything than endanger it. Especially the later volume’s hardcopies are a bit fragile in quality.
Leaves the korean raws flying around the net, but they are pretty small in resulution… :\

Any recommendations on that?

[solved] WordPress problem…. (seeking help)

Can’t really find the “bug”….

If one clicks on one of the tags or categories here, you get some non-formated gibberisch without linebreaks, leaving out the images and not at all beautiful to look at. I know, that it must be possible to show the listing of posts, filtered by category/tags look just the same as on the main/home page, as I have seen other blogs like that.

The question is, how?

The answer is proabably easy and I am just too stupid, but help would be appreciated.


Turns out, any theme of this list (left), is bound to have that problem, so having to change the theme. Too bad, I liked the Misty Look One, actually….