月宿り – tsukiyadori,
literally: tsuki = moon, yadori = residence

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So far a one-girl project of bringing in some translations dreadfully (?) missing. Cleaning and editing skills are about average to mediocre, since the focus is more on quantity. Translation quality is therefore not undergoing several careful proofreadings, as well. Trying to get something out each calendar week, usually on mondays. whenever I remember things.

Aside that sometimes just blabbling about anything, usually anime/manga-related.

Feel free to talk to me, that may kill off some boredom.

8 Responses to About

  1. nightace says:

    I was wondering whether you could try Nabi by Kim Yeon Joo. As Sura from Janimes has dropped the series. The only thing I can’t do is translate but I totally can help with the editting. Please consider and let me know what you think^U^

    Btw, I’d love to know more about your team(or, if you work alone) because I was wondering whether I could help in becoming an editor.

    • Luna says:

      I’d love to, but there are two principal problems with that: 1. I have practically no capabilities in Korean language and 2. I haven’t really gotten a clue, where and how I could actually order the volumes. (As raws haven’t really popped up anywhere afaik.)

      I work alone. I also doubt, you could get around my way of doing things, since my translations scrips aren’t the classical ones with who says what (too lazy for that) and I am also sorts of proofreading while I am editing, so you’d need to at least know enough Japanese to map the phrases to the bubbles.

  2. Kanon says:


    Saw your translation of Gintama x Mameshiba CM#1-3, can you please translate the rest (CM#4-5)? It has 5 episodes according to myanimelist.

    Gintama x Mameshiba CM#4

    Gintama x Mameshiba CM#5

    Additional translation request:
    Gintama Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen Special

    Thank You.

  3. sesh says:

    so in your table of contents, the status for kaguya hime is “frozen”. it’s been almost four years, would it be okay to assume that you’ve dropped the project?

    • Luna says:

      In theory it’s actually not, but I just don’t really find the time (and steam?) anymore, so practically speaking it’s pretty much on hiatus (or dropped as you will) until further notice.

      • sesh says:

        oh fair enough if it’s just on hiatus until you feel like doing it again. waiting another few years isn’t going to kill anyone.

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