Gintama Final Arc Movie Info Special: Translation of the previewed first 3,5 minutes

EDIT: YT Link has been taken down. The special is also included on the extras disc of the movie release.

This is some special, probably aired somewhen a few days ago, and it’s all talk about the series itself, and repeating and repeating the same trailer footage over and over again, staff and seiyuu interviews talk. Not much of interest in the first 19 minutes save for some storyboard sketches there is also nothing worth mentioned there. Well they do repeat the “the series is ending” joke, pretty much indicating it’s the same case again.

It gets interesting around minute 19:30 when the staff is getting asked to show a little bit more:
“Could you show something just a little bit more for the fans who are waiting for the original story?”
“A little bit more… What should we do about that?”
“None there”
“What about the certain THAT?”
“The certain THAT?”
“That one flashy scene?”
“Well, then, please.  Just a little bit more.”
“Please take a look at it.”

What follows seems to the the prologue segment before the title runs in.

Not much text that follows, but anyway, that monk-thingy gets slashed by Gin and mumbles stuff. From what I understand:

Your shape painted with blood, truly that of a demon.

Having [not?] been able to protect your fellowmen, will you follow the way of drunken frenzy?
But these wicked hands of yours will upon your grasp eventually destroy even the things you will hold in your arms in the far future.
That’s the karma a demon bears.
Your beloved and hated too, everything will be devoured.
All alone in this world, well you continue to lament. Shiroyasha.

Gintama Final Arc
Be Forever Yorozuya

Screenshoted sketches:

Your shape painted with blood, truly that of a demon.


Blablabla, you’re noisy, are you suffering from the summer heat?

Unsure (scribbled handwriting is being scribbled):

And the a time where there is no white (something) 

W-WHAT! Yorozuya you say?

having become a woman [unreadable] even coming back, the shop has

gu… gura-saaaaaan?!


Wha— wait a moment… these are no characters I know


Sakata Gintoki

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