Latest Read: D.N. Angel Volume 15

(D.N. Angel volume 15, German Release by Carlsen Manga)

I feel like ranting. Kind of too often recently…

I long sold all the other volumes I had of this series, and this one volume will go to its next owner tommorow as well.

So what do we have? A spirit of a mirror, who… has a bit of a problem and creates problems for two of the main characters. Ok. A possible farewell in the near future? Fine. Two souls in one body, who love two diffrent people? Big drama? Why not.
There were enough points which could seem very interesting (“loosing ones’s self” etc.) but somehow just anything feels hinted at, at best. At the same time it’s dragging itself a lot. Diversion into subplots is fine, but they all seem kind of superficial and not nescessary. What a waste of potential.

Oh and a certain guy on the cover doesn’t even appear here. Not that I miss him, because I ever so disliked the character, but what is the point of this cover…

Volume 9 of this title had been the very first manga book I ever bought in a store and the second I ever bought for myself. That was 2003. Almost ten years later this series leaves me very disappointed and the last sparkle of interest really only lives upon the last specks of nostalgia bonus.

…. But knowing myself, I suppose I will stil continue to read it. Reading a volume of this takes up no more than 11 minutes max anymore and a volumes only comes out every few years, so it’s probably not devouring too much time of my life.