Blabbling ~ Pandora Hearts vol. 16 Drama CD

Muhahaha, that was so funny~  LOL~

The only thing FailBec (Xebec) did right in the anime was the voice actor casting and it’s great to listen to them without some misplaced generic Kajiura score.  BGMs fit quite well, through it was not really the OMG score that brands itself in your memory.  In fact, there isn’t even a composer listet in the staffs list, only

音響監督 高寺たけし
音響効果 野崎博樹
録音調整  廣岡信貴

Sound Supervision: Takadera Takeshi
Sound Effects: Nozaki Hiroki
Recording Adjustments: Horooka Nobutaka

Nobody I’ve ever heard of before. With no real composer on boards it’s probably not too much surprising that the BGMs don’t sound like from a full fledged soundtrack. (I still prefer it a lot over the anime score.)

There is already a translation script flying around here.

… which reminds me, I still have half of the Nabari Al Fine Drama CD left to attack on…

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