Blabbling and Pandora Hearts chapter 72 Quick Partial Translations

First chapter I read on release~

Alice sure rocks~

And this stupid sendspace link failed between 170kb and 6,1MB 8 damn times, after taking as slow as a rate of 14kb/s. ;____;
Still I guess it was worth the waiting time.

But, now waiting a long month everytime… will be somewhat painful.

And I thought, that would never happen anymore after Nabari no Ou ended and Shonen Note was kind of dropped into genereal obscurity along to everything else I am collecting. ~_~”

Oh wow, quite a lot of people found their way here via google. There are like 24 diffrent search string combinations for chapter 72 coming in here within just some 22 hours. Well, so as all of them won’t be as disspapointed just by seeing me blabbling (whining?) useless stuff…

Some quick partial translations under the cut~

(I used to do quick rough translations on new Nabari no Ou chapters pretty much the same day as I could read it myself, I thought this was not necessary for PH, since it seemed to have quick scanlations, but perhaps I was wrong?)

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