Pandora Hearts vol. 17 Special Edition Omake Translation

(Tiny image sure is tiny. Can’t find the bigger resolution image i had seen a while ago anymore…)

I am still catching up with reading the series, after a certain plushie-spoiler woke up some massive interest into the title again after the horrible anime sent it into a death like hibernating state some three years ago. Currently at volume 9, but read chapter 60-71 already. Good thing I am spoiler resistent. Things look quite diffrent with knowing were things are going. Trying my best to not read all too quickly, because my hardcopy stack only lasts till volume 12 and the others will take their while to come, yet…

Anyhow, just stumbled over that Omake and thought it was kind of sweet.

raw source 1: (from which translation was done)

raw source 2: (with additional photos, that I found a little bit later)

(Is it just me, or does the regular Cover just look way more atmospheric? Same for vol 16, too.)

Actually, I have no real clue if that is actually an special-edition exclusive omake or not. Perhaps the title of this post may just be absolutely wrong. I will trust the filename of the flickr source on that.

Didn’t do a scanlation, before some kind of permission-bla bla-flamewar starts. But I guess before long there will pop up one from somebody else anyhow (if it hasn’t already, I didn’t really check).

~ translation script under the cut