Latest Read: “Yureru Omoi” Short Story Compilation

Short Story Compilation by various artists.

「HOLE -君もピアノも-」高橋利枝
Hinachi Nao ~ Natsukodachi ni Himitsukichi
Yoshii Yuu ~ Lady Go!
Yamauchi Nozomi ~ Houkago Host
Mochizuki Koako ~ Sotsuaru * Messe
Takahashi Rie ~ Hole – Kimi mo Piano mo
Shimotsuki Kayoko ~ Kumappu no Ana

I blindly ordered this, because Shimotsuki Kayoko’s name is among them. Turned out, she only contributed some 4-koma teddy bear strips. Drawn accordingly in a quick omake-style, so nothing of her clean and nice usual drawings. >.<“

But after the first major dissapointment stories turned out not to be too bad after all. Nothing too special either, but nice for a little bit of diversion after an exam in the train on the way home.

Hinachi Nao‘s style has a hint of uniqueness to it. The impression I had reminded me somewhat of Yuana Kazumi, but without the poetical atmosphere.
Yoshii Kou‘s style is clean and good, narrative is solid, but both story and art weren’t anyhow new nor much unique, so not leaving much of an impression.
Houkago Host was just boring for me.
Sotsuaru * Messe was  the one with the most inferior drawings to my taste. Thought the plot was boring atop of that.
Takahashi Rie‘s contribution surprised me a bit. Ending went somewhat a bit against your usual clichéd gaudy story. And time travel is always nice, to see. Drawings were solid, but looked like I had seem them before in some similiar manner a lot of times by other authors…

Sample pages under the cut~