Kim Yeon Joo’s latest series….


… which started in the april issue of the Party Magazine is called 펠루아 이야기 in Korean appears to be called “tale of felluah” in english. It’s written there at the bottom of the magazine cover. I absolutely did not notice that on this tiny image from Kim Yeon-Joo’s blog. But if you know it’s there, you actually get to see it.

There is a Blog where somebody made some fotographs with a bit of a bigger resolution here.

So looking at it, the heroine looks like a hybrid clone of June from Little Queen and especially Jenin’s mother from Platina. And the guy is a spitting image of Harim from Nabi. Somewhat disappointed on that, really.
Not a single clue what the plot is about. Above image from the author’s blog hints on some more staight forward romance. In fact that is also the only thing I can get out of these images, there is a couple and most probably the story should be romance. But then, this is Kim Yeon-Joo….