Blabbling: My latest music obsession

I came cross to this one certain AMV.

I like the footage and the song works with it quite well (and stupid GEMA makes that video not work in Germany without proxy workaround -.-)

Before I knew it I watched it five times or more in a row.

Fell for this song. Can’t get it out of my head for days. It’s been a long while since that happened last time.

But the more I listen to that one song, the more I get the impression, it fits the one  shot “1000 years in your eyes” ever so much more. Some MMV with both of these put together would look just great I think.

Aside that I wonder when it will be, that a song manages to completely flash my mind. The last one was Buck Tick’s “Gekka Reijin“, the 2nd ending theme to Shiki. And that’s been about a year already.
(Somebody who has any suggestions? =3)


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Platina around the world…

So I thought about finding some offcial sample pages of the upcoming volumes. (Since website died along with the French samples).
I was a bit surprised to find out that Platina had been released in quite some more countries than I thought. Through the release states are all somewhat similiar.

English Release (USA): Halted at vol. 1
(Germany: Never even a trace of a possible release)
China: Dropped at volume 3
Italy: Halted at vol. 5
Spain: Halted at vol. 1

(Through that publisher in Italy went ahead and completed Arcana of Lee So-Yong instead, which was dropped at either vol. 8 or 9 in French, English and German. I sometimes do think I should just learn that language, too….)

Seems like French is seriously the only European language in which Platina was completely released. And Volume 7 is already only avaible on amazon via markeplace at some riduculous 30-ish €. (Through still seem to have some copies.) Volume 6 remains as untracable as ever. Just so glad I have it completely. If they would only have not dropped Nabi, I wish…