“One Second, One Light Year” (一秒一光年) by S光年 – Part 1

“One Second, One Light Year” (一秒一光年) by S光年  – Part 1

Title: “One Second One Light Year” (一秒一光年)
Genre: Slice of Life
Original Source:
u17 profile of artist: http://i.u17.com/1013069/

Reading direction: Left to right
Part 1 of probably 3

No matter how much I look I it, it feels like it could be one of Benjamin‘s works. From the drawings, the general narrative style to the topic itself. I only read “Remember” as of yet, this one is a bit more light hearted and straight forward than the shorts stories in there, but the similiarity is still obvious.

I even supected this  S光年 user to be just simply him, but it’s not like I can find much of a hint to support that idea on the user’s profile by a quick look.