Kaguya Hime vol. 16 part 6

These BL tendencies are.. meh…

Part 6 of vol. 16

Kaguya Hime vol. 16 part 5

Somehow this is contradicting itself? Mayu does not know about their past on the island, how could she say the same thing as Akira?

Part 5 of vol. 16

Chang Ge Xing a.k.a. Chouka Kou ~ Volume 1 chapter 1 Japanese sample

長歌行 1 (ヤングジャンプコミックス・ウルトラ)

So, this series has been running in Japan for a while now as well and volume 1 got released there at the end of january.
Oddly enough, it seems to have quite a handsome amount of “¥ 1より” offers on amazon.co.jp. Not too popular over there? (Through Clamp’s Gate 7 volume 1 is listed from 1 Yen as well, which I assume should be rather known and popular….?)
There is even the complete first chapter on s-manga.net online as a reading sample.

Now looking at that Japanese first chapter, and compare that with the chinese version published online, see something?
The prologue before the chapter title page is pretty much devoid of text in the Chinese online version, but there is already quite a portion of narration in the Japanese one.
The first chapter is also not simply called “part 1”, but actually has a title: “誓いの姫” (Oath’s Princess).
No idea, if that are changes in the Chinese hard print volumes as well, through. (Without a credit card I just have no ways to get my hands on it right now. T___T)
Also interesting to note that the Japanese version seems to contain some in-line explanations/translation notes.

(And I seem to have thought too deep into the “道” Hanzi in the teaser, I was guessing this would be some philosophical debate amids a fight, but seeing this scene used its real context in the Japanese version, it also seems to be a mere simple literal “way”, or rather “principle”.)

Will most probably get this Japanese version somewhen. When I will actually start reading through this seriously will stay open through, I still have over 1m³ of stuff to read…

Juicy Hand-Shots #9: Dance In The Vampire Bund

Surprise hit. There wasn’t even that much pedo-fanservice as I feared. Oh and all these handshots. Especially Mina has really beautiful and delicate hands…

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Kaguya Hime vol. 16 part 4

These comedy parts are somewhat really annoying to deal with. At some point I simply stopped bothering with them, since they aren’t really essential to the main plot anyway.

Part 4 of vol. 16

Platina Volume 5 Part 3

Next 30 pages.

Oh damn it, it is tuesday already… Cramming makes one loose the sense for time…

Anyway 30 pages of hilarious comedy between Jenin and Velotte.

Juicy Hand-Shots #8-1: Earth Girl Arjuna (Episodes 1-4)

Rewatch after years. The series was surprisingly far more artsy than I had it in my memory. And surprisingly a lot of hand-shots at that. They aren’t even that detailed and elegantly drawns, but the gestures are really nicely put into scene~

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